Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dermapaw To Stop Dog From Licking Paws

Riley has been having a rough few months with his allergies.  Our part of the country has been dry and very hot and something outside has really been bothering him.  He has been on so many antibiotics and steroid shots in his lifetime that I wanted to find another solution for his itchy paws.  I searched the Internet and found Dermapaw.  I liked their story, their ingredients and their solution for keeping the socks on the dog's feet.
Riley has been relentless on chewing on his feet so I'm hoping this will bring him relief.  Dermapaw suggest putting the salve on at night before putting the dog to bed.  They give detailed instructions on how to adjust the elastic strips and the booties which was very helpful.  They even have YouTube videos to watch.
I followed their instructions to the tee and Riley did not disappoint.  He did everything Dermapaw predicted the dog would do.  He became relaxed, found the cream soothing and gave me no problems........
Not once did he try to pull of his socks.  He settled right down and never acted like the socks or the elastic harness was bothering him...
He was not restless like he usually is and it was a peaceful night with lots of sleep....
Tonight we will do a repeat and continue to do this every night until the jar is empty.  He was back to licking his feet all day today so I'm guessing the salve had worn off and the more days I continue to use this product, each day will show improvement.  So far we are off to a great start.


  1. Sorry you're having problems with your doggie. I hope the salve helps him. He does look really cute in his socks! :)

  2. Hi did he stop licking his paws? And did it stop the bleeding and healed the wounds?

  3. Did the Dermapaw work?

  4. Am thinking of ordering the ointment for my own poor dog. He has bitten his two front paws to the point where they are raw and very sore. Would love to know if the ointment and socks worked for you.

  5. The ointment and socks did work for Riley. It took a lot of patience.