Wednesday, April 14, 2010

50th Wedding Anniversary Scrapbooking Ideas

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2007. This is the scrapbook I made them. I wanted to share to give others ideas for making their own memory book for their parents. I could not get the protective covers off some of the pages, so please excuse the glare from my camera's flash. I purchased the book, additional pages and protective sleeves from Creative Memories. The remainder of the supplies I got from Hobby Lobby, Ebay and other small scrapbooking stores. Some of the artwork and verses I did on my computer. Remember, you can click on any picture to full-screen enlarge it!

The first page is an introduction into the book. I used mom and dad's elementary school pictures, made the Texas and Arkansas cutouts myself and used rub-on transfers and stickers for the wording.
The next page shows some baby pictures of my dad....
I got this page out of order while creating this post. The next page is really baby pictures of my mom. I tied the two pages together with rose printed paper cutouts.
Then I did a page on each of them giving some personal information. Dad acquired the nickname of Toad at a very young age, so I told the story on the page and found some toad (frog) stickers to go along with it.....
Mom's baby pictures.....
This page features mom. I framed it with words that all related to her growing up in Texas. I typed them in Word program, then cut them out and made the border for the picture. Used some Texas themed stickers too....
The next four pages are their high school days. I copied pages from their year books and cut out what I wanted to use. I also went online and found their school mascots!
For this page of dad, I interviewed him with a few questions and typed up the Q&A:
Dad playing sports with some of his information put in boxes.

Dad was in the Air Force and received a medical discharge. I did a two page spread from those days of his life and typed up some information to put on the page:
Hobby Lobby had some really nice military stickers a few years ago!
The next page is their wedding photo with their story next to it:
Then a page of pictures of them before they started having babies:
The next two pages are me and my sister. We each got a two page spread:

Then I did a page of me and my sister together using hearts cut out of various scrapbook papers and accented with some color coordinated flat buttons:
The next page reflects how mom and dad got us all dressed up for church and we would take pictures before leaving the house.....
Mom sewed some of our clothes when we were little so I wanted to show off some of the dresses she had made:
Another page of mom with us girls using some vellum flower stickers....
Dad had a "body shop" in the garage where he restored Ford Mustangs when he wasn't at his real job. I went to Ford's website and found some emblems to print off and made cut-outs for this two page spread.....
We took family vacations every year. I found this map online too:
I did a page for family portraits:

And a two page spread of all the cats mom and dad have had since they got married....
They have lived in the same house since 1967 so I wanted to show the different looks the house has had through the year....
Next it was time to get in some pictures of their parents and siblings:
Mom and dad have four grandchildren. Each grandchild has a two page spread starting with the oldest and going to the youngest....

God is a very important part of their lives, so it was important to have a picture of church activities and church friends....
I did one page showing their biggest vacation destination as a couple. This was their 30th anniversary gift to each other...
Dad has always had a garden and always loved to plant flowers. I did one page for each of those activities:
I tried to make the pictures of the Flower Page look like mosaic tiles!
The next two page spread contains various pictures of them together through the years:
Mom has always loved to take tons of pictures so I wanted to capture her love for that... The filmstrip on the left was purchased blank at Hobby Lobby and I cut and pasted some of her pictures onto the back of it!
Dad has always had a grill so I had to dedicate a page for that part of his life!
Another two page spread title "The Fabric Of Our Family" showing their parents and brothers and sisters.....
This page was made using a transparency purchased at Hobby Lobby and I glued pictures to the back of it. Three generations are showcased here with mom and dad at the top, then their parents, then their grandparents:
Another pages for their brothers, sisters and cousins:
A double spread of mom, dad, myself, my sister and our families.... I found a lot of my verses and sayings off scrapbooking websites.
Then the last two pages in the book (when the book was presented to them) is of their 50th wedding anniversary photos with a poem.......
The remainder of the book was left blank and we completed it after the party:

The last page of the book was for guests of the party to leave their well wishes and we then glued the 50th Anniversary Party invitation to the back cover.
I love this book and consider it a great accomplishment. Mom and dad have a protective plastic box that they store it in. Remember you can click on any picture to enlarge it if you want to read anything on the page.


  1. I love the book. I am sure your parents cherish the thoughtful gift.

  2. I'll say a big accomplishment!!! That is AMAZING!!! Holy cow! You did such a great job and I bet they LOVED it! All the time and hard work you put into that definitely paid off! What a priceless keepsake that will be treasured for generations! Thanks for linking up!

  3. What a beautiful book! I know your parents love it!

  4. Oh friend really we are missing all these heart touching movements these days , want to appreciate your efforts and love for the parents.
    U have prepared well designed , well planned book which can remember your parents all the memories or their life.

  5. This is a beautiful book. Thank you for sharing it online as it has given me many ideas to use for my in-laws 50th.

  6. I love this idea and book. My mom and dad just celebrated their 50th and I took photos(I thought I took a lot- I did not. ) I an trying to create a book and have come up with 6 pages. So I love your ideas of homes, family, pets and lives. I am going to try something similar for their life. Thank you for posting it. And although I gave them a gift already this might be done for Christmas.

  7. Very nice ideas of scrapbooking for wedding anniversary. I thinkk adding wedding anniversary greetings from people close to the hearts of the couple can be a good idea too, isn;t it?

  8. Thank you for sharing your ideas! This is a beautiful gift that you created for your parents, and it's the best source of ideas I've found for 50th anniversary memories! So kind of you to share!
    Janet S.

  9. Great job! Thanks for sharing this gave me good ideas on where to start :)

  10. V. Beautiful. Lovely of you to share it.

  11. I am planning my parents 50th Anniversary in July and wanted to do something like this. This gave me the perfect guideline. Thank you.

  12. Such a thoughtful gift and you've put so much effort and love into it. This has given me so many ideas for my parents 50th anniversary photobook, thank you!