Friday, December 12, 2008

Remember When.......

The last few days have been hard. Riley, our Bichon had surgery on Tuesday and we have had to watch him constantly to make sure he does not break open his stitches. I even had to make another trip to the vet late yesterday to have some "liquid glue" put on his stitches because he scratched them and caused some bleeding. Worrying about him and hoping he has a quick recovery got me thinking back to his puppy days and all the joy he has brought our lives. Look at this puppy picture........what a SWEETIE ! !


  1. Aw - how old is Riley? Our Bichon is 6 and we love him like a baby. He sleeps with us and pretty much follows us everywhere. He is such a sweet dog.........I just hope he doesn't die when the baby comes!:-)
    Thanks for visiting me!

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