Monday, March 9, 2009

Bichon Craziness

What to do when your Bichon has not ate what you thought was enough for the day? You tease him with his dog food and try to make him think his stuffed monkey wants it! At first Riley just walked on by with his "whatever" attitude.
Then he got curious as to what his monkey might do with his dog food. He thought the monkey might want to play, so he rolled over on his back and put his front paws in the air and begged the monkey to please play with him !

He even gave a little growl hoping the monkey would jump up in the air at him so he could wrestle him back to the ground.....

but the monkey would not cooperate and Riley started to get a little jealous of his dog food being so close to his friend, so he finally decided that he would nibble on a few bites.

Then he had to get the monkey away from his new found tasty morsels!

He dug his claws into the monkey and chewed on his face for a minute or two..............

then posed for a couple more pictures and that was it.............He was through eating for the day.

Another TAIL of Riley the Bichon comes to an end.

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  1. My little new pup addition worries me sometimes too - I was feeding him 3 times a day, but he doesn't really eat at lunchtime now and I worry if he's gettin' enough to eat since he's so active. But you know Riley looks pretty healthy and so does my pup so I guess they are okay! Just wish there was a way they could let us know "I'm just not that hungry today Mom!"