Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dog Impressions of Aaron & Stephanie's new home

This will be my last post of Aaron and Stephanie's new home, I'm out of pictures ! But only until I make another visit to Ozark. Maybe that will be next weekend if the weather is good. Stephanie taught Sierra how to go down the slide on the swing set that was left in their backyard.
Sierra liked to run on the hardwood floor and throw her toys around.

Riley, on the other hand, did not care too much for the hardwood floors.

Sierra on the run again !

Sierra has a new freedom. She's always had to be on a leash, so she has been enjoying sniffing out every inch of the backyard on her own terms.

Riley enjoyed his time outside without a leash too. I purposely made him stay outside when he was wanting in so I could get this cute picture through the window panes.

Here he is all tuckered out.

He did not much care for the fact that he could not follow me up and down the stairs.
He did find himself a "little cubby" to get in when he found a kitchen cabinet open.

Sierra loves the stairs. She runs up and down them very fast.

They both loved going out in the snow. Sierra almost always came back inside with snow on her face.

We had several airbeds set up over the house. Sierra claimed this one as her own. She needs a tiara ! She thinks she is such the princess...........

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