Monday, March 2, 2009

Moving Day Aaron & Stephanie

Here are more pictures to share of Aaron and Stephanie's new home. Look at the big grin on this girl's face ! ! ! She waited a long time to get to this place and is loving every moment of it. Getting the kitchen organized was the top priority !

Riley and Sierra had to check out everything that came in the door.

The guys helped get the heavy stuff put in place.

This is a table Grandpa Tolbert got at one of his auction finds. He got a pallet of six of these pub height tables and two chairs. For now, the two chairs are at the bar counter in the kitchen.

Here's that bathroom chandelier I was talking about yesterday that I love. Wish I had thought to take a picture of it at night. The sun shining on it does not do the picture much justice.

Stephanie sitting in her living room on the couch with no cushions at the moment.

Here are those chairs that go with the pub height table. Dad is cooking his famous hashbrowns for breakfast.

Stephanie is making some scrambled eggs and bacon to go along with those hashbrowns !

Check back tomorrow to see pictures of Aaron and Stephanie exploring the crawl space of their new home ! ! !

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