Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Coconut Jelly Bean Cake

Today Katie and I made what we call, an Easter, coconut, jellybean cake. I have only made a few, two layer cakes in my 48 years so I still don't have down the concept of how to make the layers look even........but for us, it's more about the taste than the look. And this tasted really good!
Katie had read somewhere to add a tablespoon of mayonaisse to the cake batter to make it extra moist. It worked!
I used a Duncan Hines white cake mix because they were on sale at a really good price at our local grocery store. The cake pans got a good coating of crisco and flour before the batter went in.

Also used a box of Betty Crocker fluffy white frosting mix that made a frosting that was very good and "marshmallowy" tasting. We put the flaked coconut in a ziplock bag and kept adding drops of green food coloring until we got the desired color we were wanting.

Just had to a picture of the frosting after it was whipped up!

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