Friday, April 10, 2009

Lime Icebox Pie With Pretzel Crust

Mary at her, My New 30 blog, had posted a recipe for this lime icebox pie with a pretzel crust last week and I had to get the stuff from the store to make it because it looked so, so good! Don't look at the picture above to get your ingredients because I bought evaporated milk when I really needed condensed milk so I had to go back to the store. I couldn't take another picture with the condensed milk because I had already opened up the pretzels and the butter. Oh well, I do stuff like that a lot. Click here for Mary's recipe. I'm not going to type it all in this blog since she did it so well with really nice step by step instructions.
I left my pretzel crust a little chunky on purpose because..................... I like the "crunch"!

Grating the lime peel was the hardest part. I could use some helpful advice on this part if anyone has some to offer.

As you can see, I gave up and only used about half of what I could have grated off!

I loved the colorfulness of this recipe and taking the pretty pictures of it!

We are Fat Free Cool Whip only in our house. I can't tell the difference between the fat free and the regular any more. Someday I'm going to stop the Cool Whip completely and just use RediWhip to get away from the hydrogenated oil!

And the picture below is the pie after it is all mixed up and ready to go into the freezer. I think more Cool Whip is suppose to go on top of the pie before serving it, but at our house we did not get that far. We had forks in it as soon as it set up and forgot to add it. Also forgot to take a picture of one slice of it displayed nicely on a serving plate...............but it sure was good. Again, you can click here to get Mary's recipe for this yummy pie!

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