Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Scrapbooking Baby

Kelly came over again tonight, for Tuesday night scrapbooking of Owen. We got four pages completed. The one above is our favorite for the night. Kelly is seriously thinking that she will go to Michaels and see if they still have the 12" X 12" frames and get this one mounted to hang on a wall in her home! I'm loving it. We matched our color of papers to the colors in Owen's clothes and the background in the pictures.
Another favorite of the night is "have your cake and eat it too!" page. We love how the green matting made the picture pop off the page. Must have had something to do with all that green icing Owen was eating from his monkey cake! Kelly also had a great idea to cut the cake out of the picture to make it look like a "sticker". Cute idea ! !

Here is our Christmas page. Too bad you can't really see the picture at the top showing where Owen is very unhappy to be on Santa's lap.

And the last of the four.......Owen REALLY enjoying his birthday cake with some bright blue icing. Again we matched the main color in the picture to what color paper we used.

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