Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dad's 2nd Garden

I stopped by Dad's 2nd garden on my way to work yesterday morning. He has a high school friend who is wanting to see some pictures of his two gardens.
He has a large vegetable/flower garden at his house, but at his sister's house he has a much larger one. Last year he had to put a six foot fence all around this garden to keep the many deer out of it.

Dad has several varieties of watermelons. This is a yellow watermelon that he is growing for the first time. I've had plenty of yellow-meat watermelons but this is the first yellow skin one I have seen.

Here is the watermelon patch section of his garden:

Dad stopped to pose for a picture while standing among the watermelon vines.

His corn is coming along very nicely. The corn withstood the heavy winds, but some of his extra large sunflower stalks did not.

Here's dad looking for zucchini and yellow squash among the many plants.

I love this shot of the zucchini and yellow squash plants. It reminds me of lilly pads on a pond.

Yellow squash:

Purple hull peas:

Not sure what this variety of squash is called:

Cantaloupe (Dad absolutely hates the cantaloupe, he will wrinkle his nose up every time he has to walk by one!).

Some type of squash or gourd:

I don't remember what dad called this variety of tomato. It's not a Roma, but something similar.

This was his "harvest" for the morning:

Can't wait for these tomatoes to turn red:


I took this picture from the street after I left the garden to show how big it really is.

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  1. That is amazing!! Lucky you - do you get to benefit from this? Does he tend to all that by himself? Wow! I can't imagine having a garden that big. Wooohooo!!