Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big Toe Surgery Sucks

So I went to a foot doctor this morning because my big toe has been bothering me since January. I thought it was just remnants of the annoying Raynaud's flareup I went through during the cold winter. I thought he would just prescribe me an anti-inflammatory type drug or maybe I needed an antibiotic to clear an infection. Oh no, it could not be THAT easy. He had to remove a section of the nail because it was "rounding".

He could not use the freezing spray because he thought my toes would be offended and throw a fit about it! So I grabbed a magazine off the counter, opened it up wide, held it close to my face so I could not see the needle he was going to stick in my toe to numb it. I quit counting after he said he was doing the 5th injection. I was now starting to feel sick to my stomach so I kept that magazine to my face until he was finished with his little minor surgery and he got my toe wrapped up.

My new sandal(s) that I bought the night before while out shopping with Katie would now not go over this big bandage. I asked the nurse if she had any of those thin flip flops like at the nail salons. She said unfortunately not but she could offer me a blue paper "booty" to slip over my naked half numb foot to walk to my car.

So I stopped at the Walgreens to pick up my prescription only to find out that the nurse had not "electronically" sent it to the pharmacist. So I went on home and got my foot propped up. Waited a couple of hours and then made the short trip back to Walgreens.

So what's a girl to do when she's feeling sorry for herself and has to drive by the Dairy Queen to get to the pharmacist? ..................Get a peanut buster parfait of course!
Laying in bed with your foot propped above your head is not as much fun and relaxing as I thought it would be. But the good part of it all - I got my appointment 3 days from the day I called to schedule and I was the only one in the waiting room when I got there. I hear from relatives who work in the hospitals that its a totally different story in the emergency rooms. Guess my podiatrist does not offer free healthcare !

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