Sunday, June 27, 2010


I posted last month when Katie graduated from UMKC with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing which is a big accomplishment but really means nothing if you don't pass your state boards.......
Well last Thursday, Katie took NCLEX and had two very long, sleepless days waiting for the results to post online.  It was a pass or fail, all or nothing.  She went in for her test at 8 AM and was calling me at 9:05 AM to say they cut her off at 75 questions.  There is a possible 265 yesterday morning when she nervously and anxiously logged on to the website to see if she passed or was a very defining moment of her life........and the result was...............
SHE PASSED.  We all knew she would.  Five years of college life (3 years were clinicals) paid off with a very promising career in nursing ahead of her.  Gone are the late nights of studying, the lectures, the labs, the endless hours of unpaid clinicals and doing the grunt work.  So I labeled yesterday, "today is the first day of the rest of your life" day.

At noon today, Katie came over to my house and we spent some time together.  We went grocery shopping, walked through Target and cleaned out her car (Mindy Murano), who has been sorely neglected this past year with Katie's busy school schedule that also included an internship in labor and delivery.

It was hot and muggy outside, we worked up a sweat, made another trip to the grocery store and then cooled off with homemade pizza and Mike's Hard Lemonade.  It was delish.

Tomorrow, she gets to call the new hospital she will start work at soon and let them know she is ready to begin her career.  Life has begun !  Katie will be a labor and delivery nurse at a hospital close to her home.  At least until she is ready to start the studying all over again to get her Nurse Practioner's license!

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  1. Well let me the first to congratulate you. I am a retired stoma therapist RN and I loved my career. It led me to a disease specialist in PHarma for the last 20 years, now I find myself quilting in a very small wine country village...I have the life I have now because of career afforded me the most amazing to you my dear may you enjoy now every moment, it is most certainly a calling that will have you filled with confidence for your whole life..blessings madame samm