Thursday, June 17, 2010

Korma Sutra Cuisine Of India

This afternoon, Katie, Kelly and I went to Korma Sutra Cuisine Of India in Overland Park.  Kelly had been there before and said it was really good.  Katie and I were wanting to experience a cuisine out of our comfort zone so this was the perfect place to go.  They started us off with ice water with lime slices, some unleavened bread and four bowls of unknown substances!!  Wish I would have taken a picture of that but it took me a little while to get up the courage to pull my camera out of my purse.  The restaurant was small and our table was constantly being attended to.  But once they brought our out main courses I could no longer resist.

All three of us ordered dishes with chicken.  Guess we were not brave enough to try the lamb or the goat entrees!  I could not pronounce the names of the dishes we ordered, much less remember how to spell them to type in this blog post!  Mine is in the picture above.  It is chicken legs and chicken thighs with grilled onions.  The waiter asked me if I wanted medium or hot.  I chose hot, so when this was brought to the table and I saw the color of the chicken, I thought oh no, this is going to be super hot and spicy!  But to my surprise it was not.  It was quite good.

With our entrees we were served white rice and a different kind of flat  bread with cheeses and parsley on it.  This bread was so good and very addicting.  Then they brought out mango smoothies with ice cubes!
Kelly and Katie got chicken entrees that were covered in orange colored sauces.  Kelly's had coconut in the sauce and I don't remember what Katie's had in hers.  After they took away our main dishes, they brought out small bowls of some type of rice pudding with orange shavings of something sprinkled on top.  We joked that it might be sweet potato.  It did not taste like carrot!  Then they served us a hot chi tea and a flavor of ice cream I don't recall either.  The ice cream was very frozen, cut into cubes and skewered with toothpicks.

We all laughed when Katie summed up the whole experience as being on sensory overload!  There was so much food piled on our table.  So many new things we tried, most we liked, some we definitely did not like and some we insisted on taking home with us.
The owner was very entertaining with his humor, strong accent, hand gestures, dances he did at our table and his insistence on pleasing us.  We will definitely visit this restaurant again and next time take Aaron and Stephanie!  We are sure that Aaron will love it and we will pack some Micky D's in Stephanie's hand bag before walking into the restaurant!!!!!

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