Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baby Boy Tuxedo Onesie

Last week while surfing blogs I came across a posting for a tuxedo onesie and since we were going to a wedding on July 31st and there was going to be a baby there, I decided on July 28th that I was going to attempt to make this cute onesie.  Click here to see where I got the pattern.  I quickly gathered my supplies and got busy on recreating this adorable onesie for my 15 month old nephew, baby Luke.  I printed off the picture from where I found the idea and then enlarged it on the copy machine.  I used white cotton for the triangle and black stretch satin for the  bow tie.  I used different sizes of tight zigzag stitches and three satin covered buttons.

Here is Luke and daughter Katie at the wedding.  We had a great time !


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    Baby Boy Tuxedo

  2. That little baby Boys tuxedo is way too cute. i hope you guys had a great time.