Monday, September 6, 2010

If I Could Save Time In A Bottle

The hits just keep coming in our family lately.  I've stated in an earlier post how my mother-in-law is battling pancreatic cancer, well yesterday morning my father-in-law was admitted to the hospital with displaying signs of a heart attack.  He will be in there a couple of days while some test are being done.  We need this roller coaster to stop.  It is stalling in the dips way too often.  We'd like a new roller coaster please, one that stalls at the highest point and stays there for a while.  We want to soak up all the happy moments, enjoy the sweetness of life and not have to face the downsides. 

I also stated in an earlier post how brother-in-law, Steve and I have been working with family pictures.  Organizing them in photo albums and making computer slide shows.  Today I want to share one of Steve's slide shows that display pictures of Pat and Buddy when they were young and ending with them dancing at Neil's wedding last month.  There are two songs on this slide show, Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Save Time In A Bottle.   I love Steve's choices of songs.  With Somewhere Over the Rainbow he placed the pictures just right to make it appear that Pat is singing the song.  I love it!  And with Save Time In A Bottle, the pictures of Pat and Buddy are so touching to look at while listening to the song because you know that with all their heart, all they want to do is save time in a bottle, make days last forever and to save every day likes it's a treasure.  And they have gone through time together.......57 years and counting!!!

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  1. Shaylynn, your comments about Steve making it look like Aunt Pat is singing is funny!!!! Because we all know (myself included) none of us inherited any singing ability!!!! I wish I could carry a tune....but that is one gene that failed in the Taylor/Henry line! :) The slides are great!!!