Friday, September 24, 2010

Snake Gourds

Back in the spring when Katie and I made a trip to the Farmer's market, I purchased a packet of snake gourd seeds for my dad.  Dad and I were excited to see what those tiny seeds would turn into.  All summer I thought about ways to use them in fall decorations.  Even thought about letting them dry out and painting them to look like snakes.  Using my assortment of Sharpie markers I was going to paint some with spots and some with bright red bands.  But.....I'm disappointed.  They are still amazing to look at........

with their length of three feet and more.....but I was wanting curls......not slight curves.......
Maybe next year I'll ask dad to let them grow on the ground instead of the fence.  Maybe, just maybe gravity is what prevented them from curling up and giving me those snake shapes I was so looking forward to!

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