Thursday, September 9, 2010

Two Of His Favorite Past Times

This is pap-paw (or papal in Katie's dictionary!).  He also goes by Albert, Al and Buddy.  This man has had a very rough week.  Taken to the hospital last weekend with the symptoms of a heart attack.  Admitted to the hospital (still there as of this writing).  Many test.  Lots of worrying.  Lots of crying.  Two strokes.  An enlarged aorta.  A blood clot on his brain.  Yep,  definitely a very rough week.  Not one we want to repeat.  Amazingly enough, he gets to go home tomorrow.  The doctors approved it, told him it was time to go, time to either go to a rehab center or time to go home.  He chose to go home.  Not alone though, he'll have a visiting therapist coming to the house several times a week.  He'll need to re-sharpen his skills, build back his energy, get back on his feet.  He's now on his way to recovery. 

There are two of his favorite past times that he will not give up.  This is one........

I got a text messages that he was reading the newspaper yesterday!  And today.......I got a text message that he was doing this in the hospital.......
Working his crossword puzzle.  Two of his favorite past times.  No matter how bad he feels, he's always going to try to read the paper and work the crossword!  It's a good thing, it's a really good thing.  When I heard he was doing those two things in these last two days, I knew he was working his brain, sharpening his skills, fighting the effects of those strokes he had just experienced because he knows that these two (who are my two)............

are looking forward to pap-paw returning home.

Grandma said today that the hospital asked his permission to write an article on him!  Right after he had his first stroke a few days ago while in the hospital, the doctors administered a new drug for strokes.  He was the first patient to receive it.  We love the outcome and so do the doctors.  We are so thankful that things worked out this way!

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