Sunday, January 9, 2011

To Make You Feel Our Love

A quick trip to Dallas this weekend gave Katie, William and I time to take turns laying in bed with Grandma or snuggled up with her in the recliner.  It was a very quick 48 hours but a much needed 48 hours.   Everyone in our family is yearning for their turn.  Yearning to sit next to her in the "pappaw-grandma" recliner.  Knowing as soon as we sit down next to her she will lovingly take our hand in hers and stroke it as she chats and fills us in on the days activities.  She starts off each time telling us how she has been Queen for the Day!
I selfishly grabbed my opportunities when then became available.  I wanted my grandma time!  She wanted to make us feel her love and we wanted her to feel ours.
There is just a smidgit of Riley in the bottom corner of the above picture.  He was claiming his grandma time too.  He was a very good snuggler this weekend with her. 

We did some photo compiling this weekend.  Grandma had a collage frame she wanted filled with Christmas 2010 pictures.  We got it put together and William did the measuring to get the picture in just the right spot above grandma's bedroom dresser.  Now while she is laying in bed she's got a collage of Christmas 2010 pictures to reminisce over and share with visitors....

Pappaw says from the moment he met her she knew they belonged together.  He wants to hold her for a million years and there is nothing he will not do for her......
We feel her love and she feels ours.  There ain't nothing that we wouldn't do to get through these storms that are raging with this pancreatic cancer.  We all feel so blessed to be part of this family where we do wipe each others tears.

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  1. May God watch over you all and bless you !