Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has finally sprung at my house.  The Bradford Pear trees are in full bloom and the tulips started opening up this morning.....
Dad came over early today and helped me do lots of spring cleaning chores and yard work.  We planted annuals in some of the flower pots.....
Dad put some edging down to hold the mulch in the flower bed.  In the past, the mulch would float down the driveway in heavy rains, so this was a much needed improvement.....
It took ten bags of mulch to get everything covered like I wanted.  The last couple of years I used black mulch, this year I changed it up and went with the red.
I love how new, fresh mulch looks surrounding the greenery.  These Stella day lilies will be full grown real soon!
We also put down some grass seed, sprayed some weeds, painted a shelf to hang in the garage and cleaned the garage out by de-cobwebbing, power washing the floor, disposing of all the junk that collects during the winter and scrubbing the steps and threshold into the laundry room.
Next weekend:
1.  Ortho Home Defense Max around the perimeter of the house, the garage and basement!
2.  Finish buying and planting annual flowers in the outdoor pots.
3.  Power wash the siding.
4.  Clean the glass.

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