Friday, October 7, 2011

Bichon Personality In Pictures

Kelly at Kelly's Korner Blog is hosting her weekly Show Us Your Life.  This week it is "Share Your Pets".  One of my favorite topics!  Being a bichon lover it was very hard to narrow down my pictures.  Riley was born in 1999 so a ton of pictures have been taken of this little guy in the last 12 years.  Above is my favorite puppy picture and below is a picture of me and him taken a few months ago.  He's changed a lot in twelve years........
He's always loved his stuffed animal toys.  He has never showed an interest in the hard plastic toys.  His main objective is to remove all squeakers!
I tried to pick out pictures that express his personality.  He loves to put on a show and get others to play with him.....people that is.........not other dogs.  He's never really cared for the idea of playing with another pooch.  He KNOWS he rules the roost and that all things are his.
This toy duck "quacks" and he's pretty good at biting it in just the right place to get it a quacking!
His expression in this picture below shows his annoyance of having to wear a costume!  He's thinking "are you serious?  get this off!"
Running through the house with a it when I capture a picture of his ears flying behind him as he is running!
Here he was growling and begging at the same time to get this toy to play with him......
Riley's favorite place to snuggle is in a basket of warm clothes fresh from the dryer.  Even if it's 100 degrees outside he will jump in the basket when I sit it down.....
Playing with his toys again............
Relaxing during a car ride.  Riley prefers the front seat.  He crys and whines if he gets put in the back seat.........
This warm clothes basket has him almost asleep.....
And lastly his nightly routine of making the perfect spot to sleep for the night.  He might turn around 15 times before he stops his nesting.  He's one very picky dog when it comes to getting comfortable........
Bichons are the best.  Full of personality, fun and cuddles.  They are very much people loving dogs. 


  1. I hope to get a Bichon! I am really wanting a rescue Bichon! Did you buy or rescue? (Just curious!)

  2. Riley is not a rescue. Maybe my next dog will be though. Best of luck with your Bichon hunt!

  3. I love the pics of Riley sleeping in the laundry basket!

    My dog doesn't get along with other dogs very well. It's hard to play nice when you are the King ;)

  4. Love this post! My two Bichon babies do a lot of the same things :) Neither have ever cared for plastic toys. They love their stuffed squeakers. :)

  5. I know this is an older post, but saw your posting on Find a Friend Friday, and as soon as I saw the Bichon, had to come!
    I have a little girl Bichon, her name is Misty. I love her! Enough said for now. :)