Monday, March 26, 2012

Sleepy Bichon to Total Bichon Madness

Yesterday afternoon, Riley was napping on the couch, taking full advantage of the softness of these new pillows........
Remember this old dog sleeps about 80% in a 24 hour period.  The other 20% percent, he's eating, doing his business of sniffing out the yard, the kitchen floor, getting belly rubs or generally being mischievous.
Since he "appeared" to be in a down time moment, I wanted to spread all my completed quilt blocks out on the floor and work on the placement.  I had them all arranged how I wanted and had taken the top row to the sewing machine.  Riley was still snoozing when I walked out of the living room.
And then I hear him jump off the couch and start growling and barking.  He was picking a fight.  Picking a fight with my fabrics................He was still growling when I grabbed my camera and took this picture........Little did I know, when I thought he was napping, he was really laying there on the couch, overlooking my careful placement of each block.  He was working on his own layout in his head and waiting for me to leave the room....
He destroyed my design.   It was his mission to scramble them all.
And he was pretty proud of his accomplishment...........
Back up on all fours, he's now ready to pick a fight with me.  He's daring me to touch my own quilt blocks...........
We had to have a short talk on biting my fabric.  He seemed to think it was okay to yank on these blocks with his teeth.
Such a goofball.  Gotta love an old dog who still gets an occasional spurt of energy.....


  1. love it! how can you stay mad at that adorable face!

  2. He is seriously the cutest bichon! (and I have two!). My pups do the same thing. It's an invitation to roll when I put fabric on the floor. Silly dogs!! Love that you captured it!

  3. Aww, Thank you. I totally agree he is the cutest bichon!