Monday, July 30, 2012

Bichon Funnies

I'm still crazy about this Instagram.  I love taking pictures and changing them up.  Riley is my main subject for now.  I do need something more colorful to work with though.  Something with reds, blues and yellows. 

Above is Riley doing some "shoe snoozing" in the wash room.  He knows if he sleeps on my shoes by the door that goes out to the garage.... he won't miss me if I happen to leave without him.

Below is from today.  I gave him a treat while he was at the office with me and he had the best time playing with it before he ate it.  He probably had a five minute barking and growling conversation with it while he was tossing it around the room.  Guess he showed the Purina tbonz who was the boss !  That big lump behind his dog tag is a fatty tumor.  It's been growing lately.  Hope it does not get too big.

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