Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pappaw Meets His Great Grandson

Aiden meets his great-grandpa (pappaw) for the first time.  They were pals from the moment they saw each other.  Pappaw loves babies......I mean really loves babies!  Up until grandma passed away, their house was a daycare and gathering place for children of all ages.  Pappaw took the babies and small children on frequent trips around the block in either a wagon or a stoller and did outings to the school playground with them.  He also enjoys having a baby sitting on his lap while sitting at the kitchen bar during breakfast time.
He's had a difficult time adjusting to his new lifestyle and traveling has not been something he has wanted to do.  So making this trip to see Aiden is a big step, but we think he found it totally delightful!  There was lots of smiling, baby play and baby talks.  I think Aiden learned a few things too......

Aiden thought it was the funniest thing when Pappaw would rub his hand over the top of his head.  Of course this had to be kept up for a while just to watch Aiden's expressions.....
Eighty two years in their age difference and 400 miles separate them.  We'll be working on getting them back together soon!


  1. Precious precious pictures. Aiden will treasure them in years to come.

  2. Treasure this time you have! These made me smile. I know this was a joyful visit.