Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sheep Parade

Another one of Katie's friends is having a baby.  Her last name is Lamb so the goal for the gift was to find a fabric that contained baby lambs.  Andover Fabrics has a line by Creative Thursday called Locally Grown.  The Sheep Parade comes in tan and green.  Since the mom and dad to be are awaiting the arrival of their baby to see if they have a girl or a boy, I went with the tan and then chose some other fabrics in the Locally Grown line to go with the Sheep (lamb) Parade.
I made six burp cloths, four using Gerber 6 ply prefolded cloth diapers
 and two with minky........
I also made a quilted changing pad.  I cut out 42 five inch squares for the front and used a single piece of fabric for the backing...
A big Sheep (lamb) Parade going on the backside of the changing pad......and the binding is in a blue print of little chick eggs....
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