Wednesday, April 16, 2014

PierMagic Poly Jacking


Last fall I called PierMagic to do some polyjacking of my sidewalk.  A section had dropped causing a trip hazard.  After researching mudjacking vs polyjacking I decided that polyjacking was the way to go.  Mudjacking requires heavy equipment, large drill holes and often is only a temporary solution.  
The polyjacking is done with smaller equipment and smaller drill holes and little mess to my yard.  

When they first arrived at my house, they had to set up their machine by connecting it to a power source.  The chemicals were added to the machine and it all had to warm up.  Polyjacking is a combination of two chemicals ran through two hoses.  When the chemicals are injected into the ground, they turn into a foam that fills the void underneath the concrete.  The technician drilled 3/8" holes into the section of sidewalk that had dropped.....

After the machine was warmed up and ready to go, they injected the polyjacking foam a little at a time.  I watched as they would stop and wait after each injection to see if the slab was raising.

I could visually watch the section of sidewalk lifting and becoming even with the driveway.

Below you can see where the two pieces of concrete are now even....

After the job was completed, PierMagic cleaned the area for me.  A little foam remained in the joints but after a few weeks it became less noticeable.  The 3/8" holes were plugged and filled in with a concrete caulk.

It must have been my lucky day.  A PierMagic owner and sales guy showed up to see how things were going!

Overall I was very pleased with the work and would highly recommend PierMagic.  They also do foundation repair and new sump pump installation.  A couple of years ago I had them install a new sump pump with battery back up for me.  


  1. How cool. I didn't even know that was possible. Thanks for posting.

  2. So glad to see a post from you.....I was beginning to worry, since it had been so long since your last post. Hope that you are doing well. I really enjoy seeing all of your sewing projects.

  3. Thanks so much for the post. Being in this industry we find that so many consumers don't even know this service exists! Looks like your guy did a great job! We use foam as well and it has so many benefits over mudjacking!

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