Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dog Tears Up Toilet Paper

Sometimes, a dog will play with his toys................and other times, he will grab something that is not his and run with it. That is what Riley did Friday night. I had bought a big package of toilet paper and was stacking all the rolls in the linen closet when the Bichon ever so slowly snuck up behind me, grabbed a roll and darted off!
He has never stolen the toilet paper before in his 10 years, so of course, I had to run and get my camera!

He had quite the party while I was searching the house trying to find where I had it last. I later added his toys to his little fiasco to see if he would be interested in playing with them instead.

He chose to alternate back and forth between toilet paper and squeaker toys!

In the picture below he does seem to be a little remorseful of his bad behavior!

The expression on his caterpillar pretty much sums up the whole escapade.......... everyone was happy that Riley found a burst of energy in his old bones!!


  1. Too cute. I love when my dog has fun like that.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Riley is just too cute...loved the pictures tearing up the toilet paper. My bichon, Chloe loves to play with paper as well.