Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Flower Garden

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality blog is hosting a May Garden Party for everyone to share their gardens. My lillies for this year have not bloomed yet. I'm further north than Rhoda and still have few more weeks to wait. So, I've searched my hard drive and found pictures of my flowers from last year. I'm hoping this year will be just as pretty as the last one! Lilies are one of my favorite flowers!
I took advantage of some great picture weather (right after a slow steady rain) to get outside and take these pictures.

Here are my Stella Day Lilies. They are popular with everyone in the neighborhood.

I really liked the black mulch I used for the first time last year. It made the color of the flowers even more vibrant.

These are some annuals I planted by my front door this year. I already forgot what they are called!

And this is how my "lilly flower bed" looks as of today. I planted a hosta in here late in the summer of last year. It has come back full force and looks like it will get pretty big this year. The Stella day lillies will be opening soon and it will be a few weeks before my orange ones are ready.
Remember to go to Rhoda's blog to view all the other "bloggers" who are showing off their gardens too!


  1. Hi, Shaylynn, thanks for joining the party. Your flowers are beautiful from last year. And I see you're a big black mulch fan too! Doesn't that just make all the beds look better? That annual you forgot is a double impatiens, love those things. Happy gardening & hope you come back often!

  2. Hello Shaylynn. What beautiful flowers. I love the lilies!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Shaylynn.. Everything is beautiful .. I love the Day Lilies.. awesome colors. Mine haven't started blooming yet.. hopefully when they do they'll be as gorgis as yours. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Hi there,
    I found you through Rhoda. I had to comment. Your garden is beautiful! I have a cousin named Shaylynn and I was so surprised to see you share her name!