Friday, June 12, 2009

Scrapbooking Baseball

When Aaron graduated from high school in 2002, I made a sports scrapbook for him. Starting with the very first time he put on a uniform, baseball cap and held a bat. Granted he was a little thing and could not even stand up for very long on his own. But we propped him against the couch and snapped pictures quickly!

The picture below is his first year in T-ball. I had a scrapbooking template in the shape of a baseball to make this page. I then journaled on the sides and used baseball stickers to decorate.
This Swing Batter Batter page was done using the colors in his uniform. I also cut out baseballs and bats from scrap paper to use as embellishments.

On several of his pages I listed his stats, coaches and teammates.
Remember I made these pages back in 2001 and 2002 when shaped scissors with all different edges were popular! I thought those scissors would always be a staple in my supplies, but now you won't find any in my craft room. Guess I used them too much!

Aaron was a pitcher and played third base. I liked to get sequence pictures when he was pitching to scrapbook with.

I also incorporated newspaper articles and team pictures into the scrapbooking pages.

For this picture below, I took a 12 X 12 paper that was covered in baseballs and "trimmed" out some of them to use as background on the page below.

I also "Googled" baseball phrases and quotes to use on the pages.

Hobby Lobby is my favorite store to get scrapbooking supplies. I always wait until the items I want go on sale at 50% off.

I like the way the picture below turned out because I got lucky in the fact that I could do the page title with the team's name horizontally and vertically.

Not all scrapbook pages can be about happy events. The one below shows the "agony of defeat".

I really like the picture below, using a color of paper that matched the guys shirts.

Scrapbooking for the page below I used pictures other than actual baseball shots. This was an out of town event, so I used sight-seeing pictures to show things the team did while not playing in games. I also journaled about the other teams that attended the world series with Aaron's team.

More scrapbooking pictures using sequence pictures...........

The high school baseball coach wrote a really nice referral letter for Aaron's portfolio, so of course, a copy of that had to be included in the scrapbooking!

Hope you were able to get some ideas from these pages to create your own baseball scrapbook.
You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.

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