Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July 2009

Going to grandma and grandpa's for 4th of July dinner. Riley and Sierra got to go too. They both like to ride in the car!
Aaron got the job of stirring the pudding on the stove to make one of the desserts grandma had planned. One of her favorite things to make and one of grandpa's favorite things to eat.......banana pudding

Grandpa had the chicken grilled by the time we got there:

It was looking and smelling really good:

Stephanie got the job of setting the table. Grandma likes each place setting to have two forks, two knifes and a spoon!

We always have to ask her to explain the order of how things are placed because we only get this fancy a couple of times a year.

We stood out in the heat and humidity and talked while waiting on the ribs to finish on the grill.

Even got bored enough to take pictures of our toes!

Katie wearing that Jayhawk t-shirt again!

The pork ribs were almost ready to take off the grill:

Too bad smells can't come through the internet, because the aroma was mouth watering!

Rain was coming in and the humidity was rising.......Grandpa was really feeling the heat after standing over the grill for so long:

But it was all worth it once we sat down at the table.....

After spending a little time at grandma and grandpa's house, we headed out to the Legends for the Wizards game. We got out there early to do some shopping and walking before the game. Stephanie found a pair boots she wanted to try on for fun..............

Believe it or not, a few hours after our big dinner we were getting hungry again and went into Jazz for some appetizers before the soccer game.

And what did we get? Alligator bites and fried pickles of course!

It had been hot and humid all day and until the winds came in with a threat of rain. The game started in hot, sticky weather.............

and turned windy and chilly by the end of the game when the dark clouds came in.

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