Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dad's Gardens

Dad's gardens are taking off and growing strong. His flower gardens and his vegetable gardens. Here are his hydrangea bushes.......

Dad has several clematis vines growing on his fences:

His favorite flower is the zinnia. There are lots of zinnia beds in front yard, side yard and backyard:

The following pictures are from the garden in his back yard and side yard. He has another much larger garden at his sister's house.
The zucchini and yellow squash plants have started to produce:

Here's are a couple of good pictures of his backyard showing most of his tomato plants.

The side yard is planted with watermelon, various pepper plants and cucumber plants.

Aaron picked a couple of zucchini when we spotted a hidden one that had grown very large.

Here's a normal sized one next to the giant one.

The tomatoes are just now starting to produce too:

And the cucumbers are taking off too:

And lots of bumble bees to help pollinate this wonderful garden.

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