Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dog Photography

I've been dog sitting for Aaron and Stephanie the last four days so it's been me, Riley and Sierra hanging out together, A LOT ! ! Got a little bored this afternoon and started playing with the camera. These are all the best of about 100 pictures I took today.....
I changed the color and brightness on some of them.

Every afternoon, there's a streak of sunlight that pours through the living room window. I had given the Bichon a bath right before I got out the camera, so he was laying on his towel I had spread out on the ottoman. I slowly moved the ottoman to position it where the sunlight was.

He was very sleepy so I had to tease him with the word "treat" to get him to open his eyes and hold his head up for this one!

I placed Sierra's favorite chew toy in the sunlight and she moved right over to it so I could get some good pictures of her........

I forgot what I adjusted to take away most of the color of the picture except the red in the chew rope toy.

Here's Sierra giving some kisses to the monkey. This monkey is Riley's favorite, so he was off on the side watching what was going on.....

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