Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Union Station Kansas City

Aaron and Stephanie came home last night. On a train. From Chicago. I picked them up at Union Station late in the day. I wanted to take a picture like the one above, but it wasn't an option since it was dark. I got there a little early and then the train was a little late so I had time to walk around and take some photos.

This is a section of the front lobby. The station opened its doors in 1914. The architecture is beautiful inside and out. In 1996 it received a two hundred fifty million restoration.
The ceilings are something to behold. People walk through the station with their heads tilted back to admire the artwork. The lighting was dimmed for evening hours so I could not get a clear picture.

I took this photo off the Internet to show a clear picture of what the ceilings look like.

Here is the Grand Hall. The ceiling is 95' high. This area use to be filled with large wooden benches for the waiting area. 1945 was the busiest year for the station with 678,363 passengers.

I don't know if this is the original train clock but wanted to get a picture of it anyway. The original had a six foot diameter clock face.

When the train guys announced that we could go outside and walk to the train to meet the passengers I was almost the first one out the door. I never thought their security would allow that. Oh wait a minute, they did not have security (that I could see). So unlike the airport! I did not know which staircase or elevator Aaron and Stephanie would be coming from, so I took a picture to my left and then a picture to my right....

And then I spotted them...........
With big grins on their faces and Stephanie in a blur...... Tired and hungry, we quickly walked to the car and headed home.
Here's a drawing I found online of the station. The restoration has it looking like this again.

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