Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shawnee Mission Park Deer & Walking Trails

Last night, Katie and I went to Shawnee Mission Park to get some exercise. The weather was so nice which is very unusual for an August evening. Katie was wishing she had brought her pedometer so we could have tracked how far we actually walked. Here is one view we saw while walking....a guy we don't know doing some fishing.

And a little further down the sidewalk we saw another pretty pond:

This park is known for it's abundance of deer. As we continued on our walk, this is the first one we saw. Katie has learned some deer calls from William. She taught me and we made fools of ourselves calling out to all the deer we saw:

There were several small wooden bridges crossing over all the streams that run through the park:

Katie snapped my picture on this bridge:

Found another deer, this guy was on the run:

Katie did not want her picture taken on this outing, said she was having a bad "face" day. So I fooled her and snapped a picture of her cute ponytail while she was not looking:

Had to get a picture of this tree loaded down with pinecones!

We saw lots of groups of deers in threes, but this is the largest group (or herd, whatever the correct term is) of deer we saw last night. There were actually thirteen in the group/herd but I had my view finder off a little when I took the picture. Notice how close they are to the sidewalk:
We later got in the car and drove down the road a little so we could walk closer to the lake:

Saw this guy, not sure what he is. He was focused on another like one across the pond he was standing in.

Lots of people were fishing for all the different kinds of fish in the lake:

Next time we come to the park to walk we will pick a different route:

We are thinking of hiking a trail next time:

The trail we found looked interesting. I tried to take a picture of but it was dusk and the woods were too dense:

So you can only see as far as my flash would project:

Did find some pretty flowers on the walk back to the car:

Katie and I really enjoyed our visit to this park and talked about how we really should do this more often!

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