Monday, August 3, 2009

Throw Pillow Cover

Katie wanted some throw pillows to put on her couch in her new apartment. She was not able to find anything she liked that she could afford so we decided we would figure out how to make them. We found these "country floral" pillows in a clearance bin at The Home Goods Store and decided we could buy some fabric she liked and make pillow covers. I thought I could cut this blue fabric off the pillow form and go from there but after I started cutting in to it quickly saw that there was no pillow form, only pillow stuffing. The next step then was to cover these pillows in some white fabric scraps I had. Joann's had some of their fabrics 40% off and this is what we came home with. It will match Katie's living room furniture perfectly.

Angela at Cottage Magpie blog has an easy step by step tutorial on how to make throw pillow covers. Her directions were great..... I kept her blog page open and referred to it every step of the way......

When I had the cover completed, all that was left to do was stuff the pillow inside.

I tried it out in a chair in my living room before sending it to Katie's apartment.

I think it turned out really good. Now I just have to make a square one in the same fabric to match this one for her living room and then she wants three more made in a different fabrics to go on her bed. I'll do a post on the other fabric pillows once I get to them........So much to do, so little time.

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