Thursday, September 24, 2009

Show Us Your Life Dessert Recipe

Kelly at Kelly's Korner Blog is hosting her Show Us Your Life this Friday and this week it is dessert recipes. This should be a fun Friday of sharing dessert recipes and I hope to add some new ones to my recipe book this weekend.

A favorite in our family is Banana Pudding. You will need the following:

3 cups milk, 1 box of vanilla wafers, 4 to 6 bananas (depending on how banana-ee you want it, one container Cool Whip, 1 can sweetened condensed milk and one large box of instant vanilla pudding.

Mix the vanilla pudding into the milk until it becomes thick, stir in the sweetened condensed milk and then fold in one half of the Cool Whip.

Choose your bowl and line it with wafers. I tried to get mine to stack up all around the inside of the bowl but it did not work out too well. Pour in one half of the pudding mix. Next put in a layer of bananas and a layer of wafers and the remaining pudding mixture. Next is another layer of bananas.

Top with the remainder of the Cool Whip and seal the edges of the bowl really well with the Cool Whip.

Next, put in the fridge and try to be patient while the bananas and the pudding and wafers do their thing................Not sure how long it takes for the wafers to get soft, because I can never wait that long!

And lastly, let the kids or the fur babies lick the utensils clean!!!!!

You can return to Kelly's Korner Blog by clicking here. Thanks for looking at my recipe. Hope you try it, it is the best in my opinion!


  1. YumYum! Looks wonderful - bet you sure enjoyed that! I can never wait that long either LOL.

  2. this looks so good!! I have never made it before, but I love eating it! I really should make it!