Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chicago foodlife Water Tower Place

Frances and I found foodlife in Chicago's Water Tower Place on our last night in Chicago. It was a good thing we did not find foodlife on the first day of our trip because we would have made it our dinner stop every evening. It took us a few minutes to figure out the layout of the place and how the whole thing worked, but once we did, we were off in different directions picking out our favorites.

Click here to read a Chicago review of foodlife and understand how the place works.

A hostess sat us at our table and put a marker on it stating it was in use (when we were finished, we flipped the marker to "clear table").

The hostess gave us our "charge cards" and we could go around to all the different "restaurants" and pick out a salad or soup, an entree (which was a meat and two vegetables), and a dessert of either a brownie or a cookie. We went on a Wednesday and every Wednesday you get all this for just $10.00 a person. We went to each station or "restaurant" of our choosing and our choices were charged to our cards. We paid at a register when we were ready to leave.

Frances got a salad, meatloaf, green beans and garlic mashed potatoes. My choices were french onion soup with croutons, pot roast, macaroni -n- cheese and green beans. We both picked out the brownie for our dessert, but were so full we wrapped them up took them back to our hotel room for later. The food was delicious. Frances loved her meatloaf and the pot roast was incredibly tender.

Above is the thick gooey brownie that we picked out and below is a picture of what the "charge cards" looked like.

They even had hand washing stations inside the foodlife area:

Water Tower Place was only one block from our hotel, The Whitehall, so it was super convenient for us too!

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