Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chicago Portillo's Hot Dogs

When my aunt and I went to Chicago last month, one of the places I had on my list of "Must See & Do" was to go to Portillo's Hot Dogs. I really, really wanted a Chicago style dog. As a child my parents would take me to the Weinerschnitzel Restaurant where I would always get the Chicago dog. I loved the poppy seed bun, the tomato, pickle and hot pepper.
So here is the Portillo's in Chicago. The restaurant was much bigger than I had expected it to be. It was two stories and had a "gangster" theme to it. On the menu board was a picture of Portillo's first hot dog stand. Kind of hard to see in the picture since I did not get a clear, full shot of it.

Here's a view of trying to get both floors in the picture.....

A view from the second floor.....

A view from the bottom floor looking up and some of the menu boards. Portillo's had more than hot dogs, but I only had my eye on the hot dog menu!

This was the view out of our window. We chose a table on the second floor by the window across the street from a Retro McDonald's. We had seen this McDonald's from the top of the Hancock Building and thought it was an original McDonald's building until our cab driver educated us on the "Retro" design.

And here is my Chicago Dog..........It was so good, wished I would have pigged out and ordered a second one!

I did get my second one, eventually......it was not from Portillo's, but from a fast food vendor at Chicago's Midway Airport on our way home.


  1. I live in the suburbs of Chicago and Portillo's is just the best! There was even one down the street from the hospital I had my daughter at... that was the first meal I had after delivering her :) Yummy!

  2. I too live in the suburbs of Chicago and my husband LOVES this place. He always gets a double burger with bacon! eek!