Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bichon Wrestles Buffalo

Riley got put on the back burner today while I spent most of the day making Luke's baby bibs. When I finished those (and blogged about them), I sat down on the floor to fold some clothes. To Riley that was an invitation to play. Even at the age of 10 1/2 years old, Riley still has plenty of playtime in him. He brought me his newest toy, a stuffed buffalo, to ask me to throw it down the hall so he could fetch it.
He loves to retrieve his toy and run back to me, play a little tug of war with it and then he'll release it for me to throw it again.............
I think it is pretty cute how his ears fly out to the sides when he runs....
Here he stopped for a breather and gave me a grin showing me how happy he is that he now gets a few minutes of my attention!!

We played for about five minutes and then the old dog needed a little break to catch his breath, cough, gag and spit!!
He then decided the squeaker needed to come out of his new toy...........

This is a look of satisfaction in his accomplishment. Right after I snapped this picture, he ran over to his toy basket to get another stuffed animal to play with!
Such a sweetie and funny little dog!!!

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