Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Show Us Your Life Places I like To Shop

Kelly at Kelly's Korner Blog is hosting her weekly, Show Us Your Life. This week it is Places I Like To Shop. She suggested listing online stores too. My favorite online place to go to shop is Ebay. I love to sell and I love to shop there. My seller ID is shaylynnshops. My dad goes to auctions and garage sales and sometimes he gives me stuff to sell on ebay and we split the profit. He bought 400 cigar boxes at a garage sale this past fall for .07 cents each. I list between 30 - 40 a week. We also have some craft supplies listed this week that he got at an auction. Etsy is another favorite place of mine. I go there to get ideas and see what the latest styles and designs are for baby stuff. I also purchase fabric from Etsy and some day (soon I hope) I will get my own store set up on Etsy. My store name will be Stitches By Shaylynn. Click here to see the business card Katie's friend Melissa created for me.
Hawthorn Threads is a recent find of mine. It is an online fabric store that I am currently addicted to. I've made one purchase from them so far, but love to go there and fill up my cart with fabrics I love and then when I come back to reality and know that I can't spend that much money I empty my cart and a few days later I start all over!!
Katie has a Home Goods store very close to her apartment. We both enjoy the great discounts we find here.
Target is where I go to get my everyday stuff. I try to avoid Walmart as much as possible. Katie and I call ourselves "Tar-jai" shoppers. is a great online place to get some really good deals. I buy most of my linens from here....
I wish there was a JoAnn's closer to my house (or maybe I should be glad there is not one close). I always cut out my 40% off coupon and keep it in my purse just in case I do drive by one during the week....
No place to me is greater than Kohl's when it comes to great deals on clothes. I like to wait until the the 30% off coupon in the mail. Then go to the store and find what I like already 30-40% off, charge it on my account and then while I'm still at the register, make a payment on my account with a check. That's a great thing !!!!
Lowes is almost in my neighborhood. I prefer it over Home Depot and go there to get my paint and my flowers every spring.
Nebraska Furniture Mart is the only place to go to get furniture. It's about 45 minutes from me and well worth the drive!
These are most of my favorite places to shop, I probably left out a few that I'm not thinking of. Click here to get back to Kelly's Korner to find more great places to do some shopping!

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  1. I also buy and sell on Ebay...I am able to buy my little ones cute clothes that I otherwise could not afford so it works out for me!! I love etsy too.. I would love to have the link to your store when you open.. I wish I could sew, I love handmade items!! I will definitely come back and check out your blog.. thanks for sharing..have a great weekend!