Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pink Stacked Coin Quilt Completed

I finished my first stacked coin quilt today. Made lots of mistakes and used my seam ripper a lot! I made my quilt binding out of the fabric that I had the most of. In the planning stages I thought I would use all my scraps from the quilt to make the binding with, but got lazy towards the end and just went with one print.
Here's that seam ripper, had to take off part of my binding when I noticed I was not stitching close enough to the edge.....
After I got the quilt completed I wanted to take a picture of it out in the snow because I thought that would make a very pretty picture but the wind was fighting me. Notice how deep my foot print is!!
After fighting the blowing snow and wind I brought it back inside and spread it across a chair in the living room........
got a couple of good pictures of it before........................
Riley jumped up in the chair and claimed it as his own soft spot to land!
Silly Bichon, always wants the softest spot in the room. Since it looks like one eye is completed covered by a cataract these days, he pretty much gets to lay down wherever he chooses!

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