Friday, February 12, 2010

Childhood Valentines Day

This Friday, Kelly at Kelly's Korner Blog is hosting her weekly Show Us Your Life with the theme being Valentine's Day. I have great childhood memories of Valentine's Day school parties. They were the best. It was always so much fun. Going to the store with mom to pick out the perfect box of valentine cards. Getting back home with them and sorting them as to who would get each card. Writing my name on the back of the Valentine, putting it in the tiny little envelope and writing the name of the recipient on the front. I always had to be so careful as to what Valentine I would give a boy classmate!

At school we would decorate the classroom with our construction paper hearts and paper chains and make our valentine boxes. So many memories of tissue paper and Elmer's glue!

This is not me nor my school, just a picture I found while searching Google images but it reminded me so much of my school days! We would sit at our desk with our boxes and each child had their turn at walking around to everyone's desk and putting the Valentine card inside each box. Then the Room Mothers would hand out the homemade cookies and Kool-Aid!

And there always had to be a Teacher's valentine card too.......

I also remember carrying my Valentine box home from school, going to my room, sitting on my floor so I could spread out all the cards and reading them over and over paying careful attention as to who gave me what card!

Wish I could have found an image of what my Valentine boxes looked like. This was the closest I could find. I spent lots of time on my boxes. Cutting the tissue paper into little squares, sticking them on the end of the pencil eraser, dipping them into the glue and then placing them on the shoe box that had been wrapped in paper. Or taking a strip of construction paper and folding it back and forth to make an "accordion" to staple on to the box top.....

So many fond memories. Wish I still had those boxes and tiny Valentines from years past. I would sit down on the floor with all of them and go through each box again. Okay, maybe not on the hard floor, probably on the soft couch, but I would still do it! Click here to get back to Kelly's Korner Blog.

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