Friday, February 26, 2010

Homemade Quilt Binding & Playful Bichon

This afternoon I was working on some homemade quilt binding to finish up Natalie's quilt this weekend. Riley had other plans for me. He decided it was playtime!
He grabbed his toy and laid down on top of the binding that I had just finished ironing, had a smirk on his face and knew he was going to get his way.
All he had to do to get me sidetracked was sit up and beg. He then became the center of attention for the next 20 minutes....

He is one rotten dog but still very playful for a Bichon who will turn 11 next month!
For my quilt binding I cut fabric scraps into 3 inch wide strips and lengths are whatever the scraps happen to be. Sew enough pieces of fabric together to go around the entire quilt. Clip threads, iron seams, fold fabric in half lengthwise and press again. I then roll it up so it is easier to work with at the sewing machine. Match the raw edges of the binding up against the raw edges of the quilt and stitch, miter the corners as you sew the binding onto the quilt in one continuous strip. Then fold the binding over to the backside of the quilt and hand stitch to finish the project!
Hopefully tomorrow, this little guy will let me get my project completed!

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  1. Your little Riley is such a cutie-pie! . . & to know that he looks so good at almost 11 - wow! I just hope that my Bailey is so playful at 11 (he turns 4 this May). Aren't they so funny. . . (& smart!)?!
    xo, Bren