Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring/Summer Apothecary Jar Ideas

What to put in my apothecary jar for this time of the year? Holidays are easy. Halloween it was pumpkins, for the fall and Thanksgiving it was orange leaves and nuts, Christmas it was ornaments, Easter it was eggs......but now what? I can't think of anything really creative.
I read a post on the Internet, that you should fill your jar with stuff that reflects who you are. My first thought was spools of thread but that would be a hassle since I'm always using my thread and I would not want to empty out the jar every time I needed a color that was near the bottom of the jar. Plus I don't want to be getting in and out of the jar all the time. With my luck I would drop the lid or knock the jar off the table. So my next thought was ribbons. I have a large collection of them, I don't sew them on burp cloths very often anymore and I don't make taggies very often either. I keep all my ribbons separated by color with each color having it's own jar. I picked out some bright "summery" colors and filled up my apothecary jar.
I'm not sold on it yet. Guess I'll look at it for a couple of days and think about it. It is spring and summer looking, but not sure if it's what I want in my living room!

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