Monday, April 5, 2010

Pasta Salad Recipe

I spent part of the weekend at Aaron and Stephanie's. We tried to eat a little healthier than when I was there a few weeks ago ! On Saturday, Stephanie and I went to the local Price Cutter and got stuff to make pasta salad, angel food cake, guacamole, grilled hotdogs and roasted asparagus. While at the store, chocolate cake was sounding very we splurged and made two cakes.

The pasta salad was the first thing we made and the first thing that was totally consumed. It was so good and such a summer dish that we devoured it on the nice Spring day we were enjoying.

Ingredients are as follows:
Pasta of your choice
Red pepper
Green pepper
Black Olive

We also had a bottle of Light Italian Dressing that we kept to the side and used as we wanted instead of pouring the whole bottle into the salad.

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