Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tina Givens Chloe's Imagination Quilt Finished Today

Neil and Arzu are having a wedding at the end of the month and today I got their wedding gift completed.  I like the whimsical appeal of Tina Given's line called Chloe's Imagination.  Click here to read her blog post about how she developed this line of prints from her childhood memories while living in Africa.

I started off thinking I would make this a stacked coin quilt and it pretty much ended up that way.  I ran out of the print fabrics so it did not turn out with as many "coins" in it as I would have liked.  I got a great deal on the bee print fabric I used for the backing.  Someone on Ebay had it listed for $4.00 a yard,  which was a steal !
 I used the bee print for the binding as well...........
I'm still loving the stippling technique.  I love the way it puffs up after I run it through the washer and dryer....
and here a few pictures to show what the bichon does while I'm working on the floor with my sewing projects.........
the boy likes to get right in the middle of whatever I'm doing!!!  I'm looking forward to the wedding and all the excitement that goes along with it and being with family I have not seen in a while.  Counting the days until July 31st !

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  1. You're a great stippler! I tried it once and my husband said "why are you quilting amoebas on there?" whoops!
    Love the pics of riley on the fabric. Mine do the same exact thing!