Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baby Shower !!!!

Yesterday was the baby shower for Angela and Mark.  They had such a nice turnout and received many, many gifts.  Lorri, Michelle and Emily (the aunts-to-be) hosted the shower and did a great job with the decorating, the cake and the party ideas.  I love Angela's toes in the picture below.  It's like they are dancing with anticipation!
There was much laughter, little girls were twirling and giggling, and lots of cute gifts to admire and enjoy....
Blank pink scrapbooking pages were available so guest could write down "shower blessings"  to Angela and Mark....
Everyone was asked to bring a book along with their gift to start a library for the baby.  The little girls who came to the shower loved this and eagerly grabbed the books they recoginzed and read out loud the ones they had memorized.....
This was a very special day for Angela and Mark.  They had lost their first baby, Benjamin to Hydrops Fetalis.  (Click here to get Angela's blog to read their story.)  So, at the end of the party, Mark came into the living room to join Angela and they announced for the first time the name they want to give their baby girl.  They chose the name Elleana Marie.  A beautiful name from a song that brings them inspiration.  Below are some of the lyrics of the song:

Little princess come follow behind me now
I am reaching for you, Ellianna
God has answered my prayers
Oh, Ellianna
God will conquer my fears

To mother a daughter
To look you in the eye
To know that I did everything to walk with you in light
To give you to Jesus
That he would impart the wisdom that I'm longing for to mother your heart
God has answered my prayers

 Angela had the song on her I pod and played it for everyone to hear the  lyrics.  You can click here to get to Angela's blog where she has the song in her playlist.  The party ended with a very touching moment that had everyone teary eyed and so very much thankful for baby girl, Elleana, who will be here soon.  Congratulations to Mark and Angela!

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  1. Oh Shaylynn Bless you for your beautiful post. I found the name (Elliana) while looking online. I fell in love with the name once I knew the meaning of it.
    The girl's name Eliana \e-lia-na pronounced el-ee-AH-nah. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "God has answered". We feel God has answered our prayers by giving us another child and she is a blessing from God. After falling in-love with the name I then found a song. Which just made me love the name even more. The song is called "Elliana's Song" by Watermark a christian singer. She wrote this song for her daughter. I heard that she had trouble having children and had many miscarriages. Her daughter was a blessing as our "Elleana" is too. (I think this is the way we are going to spell her name). You can here the song at this site:

    Thanks Shaylynn for sharing our story!!
    Love, Angela