Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baby Girl Burp Cloths, Mini Quilt, Necklace Onesie & Blanket

Plenty of time was spent last week getting my gifts ready for Angela's baby shower.  I wanted to give her lots of homemade cute baby girl things and I think I accomplished my goal pretty good !

Every baby needs burp cloths...........
I made six of them, trying to keep the majority in pinks since her nursery is in pinks and browns.
I also made a mini quilt using Moda's, Hunky Dory line of fabrics:
I put a pink and green floral print on the back and used a yellow print for the binding:

This mini quilt can be used for many things.  I would use it to lay on the floor or the couch as a portable changing pad for quick diaper changes!  Or to keep in the car to put over the baby carrier when the weather is bad.

I also made a blanket for the baby.....
The silky fabric is suppose to be similar to the feel of the lining of the womb.  Click here to read more about it at AllyZabba's website.

I also made a new kind of burp cloth that I have never attempted before....
I made it the same size as the other burp cloths and used pink with brown polka dots on one side and a plush pale pink on the back.

And lastly I made a necklace onesie......
All so super cute and just waiting patiently for baby Elleana to arrive!


  1. I think you overly accomplished your goal!! To be honest it is my favorite gift. I can't say enough about the colors you choose. They are just SO BEAUTIFUL!! I love them all!! The mini quilt is just amazing and so lovely-BEAUTIFUL COLORS!!!! The necklace onesie is so cute and so clever. Anyone who gives your homemade products will be so satisfied with the products and will be the talk of the party!! Thanks again for your hard work and creativity. You have made this mommy so happy!! Can't wait to use everything. "Elleana" will enjoy them all. (I think that is the way we are going to spell her name). :-)

  2. aw! A good friend of mine has an Elianna (spelled differently) and they call her ella. I love that name!
    Those gifts are awesome! I love that mini quilt. I've been wanting to use hunky dory for a while but haven't had a project that needed it yet :)