Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mother Daughter Time

Today was one of those special days.  One you want to record in your "life's special moments" book.  Today I got off work at noon and headed to Katie's.  She was off all day and we had planned some mother-daughter time.  Time to ourselves, time to catch up on life, to tell stories and give updates on all the little things.  It was a day of running all over the west side of town, searching for great deals while shopping, eating at healthy restaurants and spending lots of time in the car talking while hopping from one place to the next.  Katie had lots of errands to run and I was along for the ride.  Being the co-pilot in the car, offering advice, doing the typical "mom" stuff and loving every minute of it.

Today's goal was to find some halloween decorations to add to Katie's stash.  But as luck goes, when there is money in the pocketbook, the deals are hard to find and the choices are slim.  We went to Pier One, The Country Store at Cracker Barrell, The Home Goods Store, Marshalls, Walmart, Macy's, J.C. Penny's Home Store, Bath & Body Works and Hobby Lobby.  Those last two were where we found a couple of good deals......... Bath & Body Works had these candles on sale two for $20.  Katie got scents called Leaves and Pumpkin Patch.
and Hobby Lobby had their Halloween/Thanksgiving Fall decor on sale for 40-50% off......Katie picked out a couple of fun pumpkins and a candy corn dish to hold her favorite treat of candy corn and peanuts!
Today was also a hat hunting day for me.  I needed a cap to wear to the fitness center in the mornings.  I set my alarm for 5:15 each morning,  take Riley for a quick walk and then off to the fitness center.  But some mornings when I get up, the "bed head" look is so bad, it can't be tamed.  On those mornings I reset the alarm and sleep an extra hour before having to get ready for work.  It was time to get a ball cap.  That way I could no longer have an excuse to not get myself to the treadmill and the weight machines!  We looked for hats at Walmart but only found silly ones with Superman emblems or football teams.  We found no hats at Marshalls so we headed to Dick's Sporting Goods where I found the perfect fitting hat......
So along with all these stores we visited today, we also made stops at two nursing uniform places looking for fun Halloween or Thanksgiving scrub tops but came up with nothing, made a stop at the cable customer service store and ate at two healthy restaurants.  B.D.'s Mongolian BBQ for lunch and then at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner, both in Overland Park.  We finished the evening off at Sam's Club to stock up on Tide detergent, toiletries, liquid Advil and lots of berries!

I loved spending the day with Katie.  I wish these days happened more often!  I cherish every one I get.  I only wish I was younger and diseases like Lupus would leave my body, so after fun days like this,  I don't have to resort to pain patches and pain creams and Tylenol before I crawl up into a soft cushy bed for the night....
But as soon as Katie gets another day off where she wants mom to run all over town with her, I'll be ready.  I'll be re-energized, ready to put in another 15,000 steps.  Ready to be her co-pilot.  Love you Katie-girl !

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  1. poor mom. sorry i wore you out. we only made 16 stops :)