Saturday, October 16, 2010

Christmas Necktie Onesies

For some of you it may seem too early to be sewing Christmas onesies, but not if you are in retail sales.  Stephanie has her Christmas merchandise on the sales floor.  I had to start seriously thinking about what I wanted to put in the store for this merry holiday.  I'm wanting to find something different to try for the onesies besides the ties.   I'm thinking Christmas trees, reindeer or candy canes.  But for now, for right now, I made some of these adorable tie onesies in greens and reds with a sprinkle of gold glitter mixed in.  They turned out pretty dang cute.....
Check back in later to see what else I come up with.  Want to buy one of these onesies?  They will be at ROOM 5 in Ozark MO.  Or call Stephanie at 417.581.1404.  She accepts credit cards and Paypal and will take your order over the phone.

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