Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We Are Thankful For Her Gift

Please reveal your will for me so I can serve you for eternity.  Use my life in every way, take hold of it today.  The lyrics in the song, Thank You Lord, are perfect for Grandma.  She is a servant of the Lord.  She uses her talents daily to honor God.  Her gifts are abundant.  This woman, my mother-in-law has made me feel like the most special person in the world when I am in her presence.  Everyone who knows her and is blessed enough to be in her life will vow they feel the same way.  She has the gift. The gift to help us believe that anything is possible.

Our Thanksgiving holiday was one for the books.  One to remember and cherish.  Full of happy memories to hold on to.  One to look back on when things don't go our way.  Grandma S is fighting pancreatic cancer.  She's not one to sit on the sidelines.  She's in the middle of it, she won't miss a thing, she will participate and she counts her blessings.
She will sing to her grand babies and say "I love you" fifty times in a row in different pitches to stir up giggles and kisses.  She will gladly adorn beads and bows and pose for silly pictures....
She will drink in the love of her family, hold your hand and squeeze you tight....

She refuses to miss a minute......until...... she tuckers out......gets quiet.........nods her head......and takes a quick catnap!
Then Katie will whisper, "Mom, Grandma finally fell asleep, take my picture with her!".

Love you grandma !

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